Trainee Positions At Wellington

Riddiford Street, Newtown
New Zealand

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Evan Jolliffe
Phone : 043855999
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Training Positions : 3
Elective Training Positions :
Fellowships : 2

Core Position Descriptions
We have three core training positions in Wellington. Trainees have exposure to a broad range of neurology services with a busy and active acute and inpatient neurology and stroke service as well as supervised outpatient clinics.

Over two years in Wellington, trainees could expect to gain a broad set of experience with most aspects of neurological conditions. Trainees will be able to fully participate in and achieve their neurophysiology requirements. The neurology department is able to provide comprehensive support and supervision for trainees.

Elective Position Descriptions
The department also offers 6-12 month fellowship positions in Stroke and Neurophysiology.

Hospital Information

The hospital is a busy tertiary hospital with a broad range of medical and surgical subspecialties. In recent times, the department has increased its regional footprint providing telestroke and neurophysiology services to regional hospitals. We have a close and positive working relationship with neurosurgery and neuroradiology.

Department Beds :
16 stroke and neurology beds including neurology high dependency unit

Department Clinics
Daily clinics, including neurophysiology

Department Specialty Clinics
Movement disorders, epilepsy, TIA, headache

Department Meetings
Weekly departmental teaching
Weekly clinical review of complex neurological patient(s)

Department Staff
Dr. Jennifer Taylor (Clinical Lead Neurology, Neuroimmunology)
Dr. Ian Rosemergy (Epilepsy and Neurophysiology)
Dr. Evan Jolliffe (Neuroimmunology and Neurophysiology)
Dr. Purwa Joshi (Neuromuscular and Neurophysiology)
Dr. David Bourke (Movement disorders)
Dr. Maas Mollenhauer (Cognitive neurology and Neuro-rehabilitation)
Dr. Heidi Pridmore (Concussion)
Dr. Desiree Fernandez (Headache)
Dr. Eloise Watson (Neurogenetics)
Dr. Martin Punter (Clinical Lead Stroke)
Prof. Anna Ranta (Stroke)
Dr. Csilla Manoczki (Stroke)

Junior Staff Positions In Neurology
The department has five registrars which includes three core training positions. There are two fellows positions in Stroke and Neurophysiology.

Trainee Responsibilities

Selection Criteria

Philosophy Of Training

Neurology Training In State

Other Information
Wellington sits at the heart of New Zealand and is New Zealand's capital city. Wellington is embraced by a natural amphitheatre of ocean and hill, and merges big city culture with small city charm. Famous for a vibrant creative culture with great food and coffee, vineyards up the road, and the home of New Zealand's craft beer, Wellington is a cosmopolitan city with an energetic personality.